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My family has been on the go this entire summer, and this has left little time for my husband and I to spend anytime one-on-one time together. To make matters worse, our favorite (and only sitter) left for college a few weeks ago, and we didn’t have any back up for a much needed date night.   Until…..

I learned about a new service in town called College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors.  I was a little skeptical, but wanted to give it a try.  My kids are at an age that I am less apprehensive with leaving them with someone new, but I still want them to be safe and cared for when we are away.  I reached out to the Franchise owner, Sanjiv Sinha, and started the whole process.  Mr. Sinha and I set a time to meet, go over paperwork, and discuss all that College NST has to offer.  Taking in to account our desire for date nights instead of a nanny service, he explained how the entire process works.  Every sitter goes through an extensive background check process, and have advance sitter training.

I was quite impressed by all that goes into ensuring quality sitters arrive at every house, every time.  Once paperwork was completed, he directed me to the app, and how to use it.  Personally, one of my biggest excuses is having to coordinate my sitter’s schedule with what we want to do for a date night.  With College NST, you pick someone who fits your need at that time. If there are several available, you can look through their bio and see which sitter you would prefer.  Every day that we looked at had many sitters with overlapping availability, and generally available from early until late every day.  Could it be any easy?

But wait….it gets even better!



Once my husband and I decided on a movie time and date, I looked at the calendar tab on the app.  I found a sitter that offered the later end time that we needed, and booked her.  I immediately received a notification that our sitter, Lindsay, was confirmed.  (Had there not been a sitter available, I could have put in a sitter request, and I am confident that we would have found someone that could accommodate our needs.)  We booked her on Friday evening, she contacted us by phone on Saturday to discuss anything we had questions about, and she arrived on time Sunday. And she was great!  We had just come home from church, and the girls just wanted to rest, especially before they started school the next day.  Lindsay, played with them, helped them get a snack, and allowed them some downtime.  My girls loved her, and we will definitely book her again in the future!



After all was said and done, we received a recap from the sitter on what they did.  This is a great service, and I look forward to utilizing it more in the future!


(images courtesy of College NST)

After all was said and done, we received a recap from the sitter on what they did.  This is a great service, and I look forward to utilizing it more in the future!

College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors can be found here. Phone: 469-312-5225

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(images courtesy of College NST)

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