Valentine Butterfly Craft

Valentine Butterfly Craft

ButterflyPinkGet kids involved in Valentines Day by making this cute Valentine Butterfly Craft. While this Valentine Butterfly Craft is
better suited for older kids, younger ones can help with supervision.



This Valentine Butterfly Craft is flexible and can really be made any way you want.  The easiest would be to use foam shapes.

Materials for Valentine Butterfly Craft:

*Use four heart-shaped foam pieces – two big ones and two small ones.

*Two decently small heart shapes for the antennae,

*Pipe cleaners

*Googly eyes

*Glitter – optional

Directions for Valentine Butterfly Craft:

First, you take your long oval shape foam piece and glue the heart wings on the back side. The larger hearts are for the lower wings and the smaller hearts are for the upper wings.

Press firmly so the glue really sticks.

You can then take your pipe cleaners and glue it to the back of the head part and then glue the smallest hearts on the pipe cleaner for the cute antennae.

Let dry for a little bit before you glue the googly eyes on.

That’s it! You now have a cute Valentine butterfly. You can add more foam shapes on the wings if you want or glitter to add a little glam.

by Christine Doheny

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