Presidents Day Activities

Fun Presidents Day Activities to do with the Kids

President’s Day is tomorrow and the kids are out of school. If you want to take this opportunity to teach your kids about the US Presidents, here are some fun Presidents Day activities to do with the kids today.¬†Most are really simple – even a cute President’s Day song preschoolers will love!

Learn about the Presidents with Money!

*Pennies and Quarters: Show the children coins and bills with pictures of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Have the children sort pennies and quarters.

*Money Rubbings: Make penny or quarter rubbings by putting a coin under a sheet of thin newsprint. Hold the coin steady as you rub over it with the side of a crayon. You will begin to see the head of a president as the crayon markings get darker. Be sure to rub both sides of the coin. For the littler children, put a circle of tape on the under side of the coin and tape it to the table … several coins in a small area. Then lay the paper over it and let them take turns doing their own rubbing. It was much easier for them than trying to hold the coin (under the paper) steady.

*WASHINGTON PUPPET Once you’ve done the coin rubbings of a quarter as directed above, cut out the circle and glue it to a popsicle stick.

*Graham Cracker Log Cabins Talk with the children about Abraham Lincoln. Tell them about his childhood in a log cabin and his love of books. Divide the children into small groups and give each group graham crackers and peanut butter and ask them to decide how they might use these two things to build a miniature log cabin. Each group seems to go about the task in a different way!

*LINCOLN’S HAT Give each child a piece of paper that is cut out in the shape of Lincoln’s hat. Let the children color or paint it black.

*GAME: CHOP DOWN THE CHERRY TREE Sit in circle. One player is the Cherry Tree,who stands in center of circle with eyes covered. Adult chooses one player to touch Cherry Tree & say ,”Chop,chop.” Cherry Tree falls down gently & player returns to place in circle. All players then say with deep voices,”Who chopped the cherry tree?” Cherry Tree opens eyes & guesses who it was. That player then becomes Cherry Tree, & the game is repeated.

*It’s a Special Day (sung to: If you’re happy and you know it) It’s a very special day today, Yes sir! (Clap twice.) It’s a very special day today, Yes sir! (Clap twice.) It’s Presidents’ Day, When we can shout and say, “Have a happy, happy, happy, happy, day!” (Clap twice.)

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